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Our Projects

There are a variety of projects that are currently being implemented at various stages and we will continually work towards ensuring our efforts are in support of our mission to provide support & services for the unhoused community of Durango.  

Security Locker Program

Using the information that NINA received after interviewing a significant
number of our unhoused neighbors last spring, it became clear that lockers
would be a great help with those working. Without a safe place to keep their belongings, it was very difficult to maintain a steady job. Using a
model from Lisbon, Portugal, we decided to implement a pilot project of 6
lockers. The lockers would be installed in a place that would give the clients
24-hour access. There would be 24-hour security and lighting. In addition, a
signed contract between the client and a mentor for NINA on how the
locker was to be maintained would be signed. The mentor would also help
the client access support services to help improve their quality of life.​

Lisbon, Portugal Solidarity Locker Program:  https://youtu.be/ZF-7PCf0gnA

Emergency Cold Season Support & Services


As we work towards our ultimate goal of a permanent shelter N.I.N.A. has identified a number of short term needs that we are looking to provide in support of the unhoused community in Durango.  Included is an effort to make available emergency cold weather kits to assist with basic needs of individual warmth, assistance with the process of acquiring a legal form of identification, and establishing a companionship program to create opportunities for N.I.N.A. members to consistently be available to assist as requested in any way that we can.  

Permanent Shelter & Organizational Development 

N.I.N.A's ongoing organizational development is in support of our ultimate goal of establishing a long term shelter solution for Durango's unhoused residents.  Our organization is growing and as a result we are consistently evolving our structure to provide resources and tools to reach our goals.